"I think, therefore I am." Rene Descartes

"I am, therefore I think."  David Fontana PhD, Eckhart Tolle


Alisia Ives MS LCPC   Office: 205 Ocean Avenue  Portland  Maine  04103   ives@alisiaives.com

Alisia Ives MS LCPC

Counseling and consultation:  my mission is to help you take the lead in your life.  Becoming more aware to visualize what you reasonably want, see how you contribute to your life's current condition, and your next steps for the choices and actions to engage in your life proactively.  You may feel blessed in many ways and yet desire something.  For all of my clients, this has included facing fears and speaking up.  I will support you in this valuable work.

Today the path you want to travel may not be as well worn as the one in this photo.  With time and effort you can make your way, and although it may not be exactly what at first you envision, you will make your way.  Initially this work asks for more effort of you and is often accompanied by feelings of awkwardness, while you knowingly face your fears.  Some people feel very good in their lives, yet are drawn to do something.  Some people have issues in life that do not go away quickly, if at all.  Some consequences of actions we chose, we cannot now effectively rewrite our history to alter those consequences.  Sometimes things change in an awful way and we cannot connect our behavior to the tragedy.  In these cases, acceptance and moving forward becomes our illumination of darkness.  Change might feel wrong at first, and then the brain and emotion has its own sort of muscle memory that adjusts as we persistently maintain.  No matter the reason you choose to seek assistance, my goal is to help you be more calmly confident in your life.